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Source: Overwatch - Zarya Comic Announced + SDCC 2017 Doomfist Panel / News! | Hammeh! video

Overwatch Zarya Comic ‘Is Not A Rumor,’ Says Blizzard

Blizzard Entertainment quells the Zarya comic rumors as the team revealed its sneak peek during their San Diego Comic Con 2017 panel. The new comic doesn’t have a cover yet but they’ve revealed an image that could explain its plot.

As seen on Hammeh’s video, the new Overwatch Zarya comic features the character with an Omnic and seems to be facing Sombra and Los Muertos gang in Dorado. Lore-wise, Zarya has a deep seated hatred against the Omnic robots due to the events of the Omnic. She gave up her career as an Olympic-level weightlifter and joined the military to defend Russia from the attacking Omnics. In matches, she often shows animosity to Omnic heroes like Zenyatta, Bastion, and Orisa when in the same team. Potentially, working with an Omnic may reveal more of Zarya’s viewpoints on Omnics in the comics.

Sombra is currently one of the heroes that heavily tied to Zarya’s story. Zarya works for Katya Volskaya, a powerful and social figure in Russia. As of the Overwatch Infiltration animated short, Sombra spares Volskaya to blackmail her for future favors. At the end of the animated short, Zarya is called in for a mission which could be to hunt down Sombra. At best, both Zarya and Sombra is connected through one important character in the Overwatch universe.

Lastly, the Los Muertos gang seems to be Zarya’s enemies in the upcoming Overwatch comic. Mostly, their presence is seen in Soldier 76’s animated short where they’re shown to be a criminal gang and anti-Omnic as they’ve encouraged a little girl to beat up an Omnic. Zarya protecting the Omnic from the gang could be a valid plot as of the gang’s introduction in the story.

Blizzard has confirmed that the new comic’s release is just “days or weeks” from now. For now, we’ve yet to know if Sombra and Zarya are going to be allies or enemies in the upcoming Overwatch comic.

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