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Nioh Update 1.14 Adds DLC Support, New Difficulty, And More

Koei Tecmo has released the new Nioh update 1.14 that changes up most of its equipment and gameplay meta once again. Players will have to adjust their character builds and reforge equipment to keep up with the new changes in the title.

According to the official Koei Tecmo Nioh site, the Nioh update 1.14 has many gameplay changes along with the new Defiant Honor DLC content. Along with the new difficulty and equipment rarity, new Ninja and Onmyo skills are also in the new update. Two new guardian spirits and the new weapon, Tonfa, are also introduced in the second Nioh DLC.

So far, the new Defiant Honor DLC will also be added in the title. William will take on key figures of the Sanada clan as they’re fighting against Tokugawa Ieyasu. Known Sengoku Jidai characters in the enemy forces are Sanada Yukimura and Sarutobi Sasuke.

New item rarity in Nioh means that players will have to leave their Divine rarity (green-colored name equipment) to maximize their stats. Higher item rarity means higher potential for the item to have the best stats in the title. Players who want to keep going, especially the new game+ players, will have to start getting these items once the Divine equipment stop being effective in fights. The new rarity items can only be obtained in the new difficulty mode introduced in update 1.14

Meanwhile, the new difficulty mode in update 1.14 is called the “Enlightenment Road,” according to the Google Translated patch notes on their official site. Players will need to buy the new Defiant Honor and the previous Dragon of the North DLC to unlock this new game mode. So far, the new Nioh content releases encourages players to keep hunting and crafting to stay strong as the game progresses. The next DLC, Bloodshed’s End, might be the last time they’ll have to reforge their equipment to become strong again.

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