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Nioh Defiant Honor DLC: Where In Japanese History Are We?

Koei Tecmo’s Nioh gives fans a trip down historical wars in feudal Japanese era with a fantasy twist to it. The second Nioh DLC still follows this format. Where in Japanese History are you in right now?

According to the Nioh Season Pass listing on the PlayStation Store, the Defiant Honor DLC is set in the Winter Campaign of the Siege of Osaka. Historically, the Siege of Osaka happened in 1614-1615. The battle was also known to be Tokugawa’s last victory before he unifies Japan. In Nioh, the main character is aligned with Tokugawa Ieyasu as one of Tokugawa’s key soldiers.

Meanwhile, the foes in Defiant Honor consist of Sanada Yukimura and Sarutobi Sasuke. Sanada Yukimura was known to be a great warrior as he was hailed the “number one warrior in Japan” during his time. Meanwhile, Sarutobi Sasuke served under Sanada Yukimura, similar to how Hattori Hanzo serves Tokugawa Ieyasu in Nioh. Their Nioh iterations seem to be slightly fictional as Sanada uses two guardian spirits to help him fight and Sarutobi is armed with two gigantic tonfas to beat his foes up.

On Nioh’s fictional side of the battle, William’s stake in the fight is to catch a Portuguese spy, Maria, and prevent the other Japanese generals from using Amrita stones. These magical stones grant people to access more spiritual and physical power but turn them into demonic creatures in the process.

During the Winter Campaign, the Sanada forces were strong enough to defeat the Tokugawa forces while defending Sanada-maru. Tokugawa resorted to artillery to defeat the foes and claim the fort. Ultimately, Winter Campaign ended with Tokugawa offering a truce with conditions that’ll help him conquer the Sanada base for a future fight.

However, fans will have to stop at the end of Winter Campaign for the Defiant Honor DLC. The next DLC, Bloodshed’s End, will cover the latter part of the Siege of Osaka where Toyotomi Ieyasu was the historical victor. Potentially Koei Tecmo might put in a unique twist in the end of these historical battles as Nioh is still a fictional story.

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