LawBreakers devs speak of DLCs

LawBreakers Devs Working On ‘A Bunch’ Of Post-Release Content, VR Still Unplanned

In the next couple of weeks, PC and console gamers will have another first-person shooter game to try out. After the success of the recent closed beta, both in console and PC, Boss Key Productions is now gearing up with the release of LawBreakers for both platforms.

In an interview given by Boss Key’s Dan Nanni, he clarified some of the key aspects of the game. Furthermore, he also gave a few more information regarding LawBreakers’ future updates and game features.

For starters, as mentioned, the game is due to launch in the next couple of weeks. Fresh off of the most recent beta test, the developers were able to correct some of the common issues of the game, Nanni said. That said, the developers are now expecting the game launch to come as smooth as possible.

LawBreakers devs speak of DLCs
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Secondly, Nanni also said that there are currently additional contents under development. What is more, these DLCs such as maps, roles, and characters will be available for free.

While this may be quite a good news for fans of fast-paced action-shooter games such as LawBreakers, there are still some features that the developers are working on. For instance, Xbox One support is still under development as of now. Nanni said that the development team is just prioritizing the release at the moment. Once they have it out of the way, they will immediately work on having the game released on the Xbox One as well.

Another thing the developers will be working on is the possibility of VR gameplay. For now, Nanni clarified that having the game on VR will present a few new hurdles that the developers will need to overcome. The reason why the current version does not have support for VR is the fact they the developers wanted the game to be ready for release as soon as possible.

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