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God Of War PS4: Atreus’ Role Detailed

God of War PS4 is one of the most anticipated games coming out in 2018, so it’s good to see Sony Santa Monica dish out some new details. One of the game’s developers discussed the role of Atreus, the son of Kratos who has been seen in all of the trailers thus far. It seems like the child will play a bigger role than expected, with many fans speculating that Kratos will die and Atreus will become the lead, hence the lack of a 4 in the title.

Jeet Shroff, the Sony Santa Monica lead engineer, discussed how important Atreus will be in a sponsored article on Gamasutra, which should garner interest and raise even more speculation. At the heart of this adventure, this game is about the relationship that exists between Kratos and his son,” said Shroff. “Atreus plays an important role in giving Kratos the motivation he needs to want to change and bury his vengeful past. He looks to the boy as someone he must protect and struggles to bond with him.”

Similar to Ashley in Resident Evil 5, Atreus will have his uses in God of War PS4 and is an integral part of gameplay. Shroff confirmed that Atreus will be able to translate runes and help his blood thirsty dad solve puzzles, making the father-son narrative part of the gameplay. The developer also confirmed that Atreus can help his dad out during fights, saying: “Whether the player uses the son strategically or to enhance combos, there are lots of interesting aspects of gameplay that we’ve been striving for with Atreus.”

It’s clear that Sony Santa Monica wants to make God of War PS4 feel completely different from previous games in the series, which is admirable. The game is slated for an early 2018 release, with a remastered version of the third game available now on PS4, for those that want to scratch that God of War itch.

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