Dynasty Warriors 9 Story Spans Several Years, Changes Character Appearance

For years, Koei Tecmo has released several Dynasty Warriors titles, each with little variety from each other. Dynasty Warriors 9 is going to be a completely different take on the franchise as the developer is going to add a ton of new features to the game. One spotted feature by fans is an ageing system that hugely changes the appearance of characters.

The story of Dynasty Warriors spans through several years of fighting. While the warriors and generals who are part of the battles remain the same, they are still supposed to grow old since the game tells the story of a conflict that lasted for years. Koei Tecmo recently updated their website with a few new character models and after a tweet, the developer confirmed that characters will age in the game.

One of the newly added characters is the Shu general and leader, Liu Bei. In Koei Tecmo’s website, Liu Bei dons a facial hair. However, game producer Akihiro Suzuki reveals another model of Liu Be in a tweet. This time, Liu Bei looks younger and is without facial hair.

This is a first for the series and fans are going to be excited for it. Most of the characters in the game are supposed to undergo appearance changes due to age and injuries as per the game’s story. For example, Wei’s Xiahou Dun doesn’t start out with an eye patch. He lost his eye during the battle of Xiapi and it’s only then when it’s sensible for him to have an eye patch.

Dynasty Warriors 9 is looking more and more exciting with this newly added feature. We’ve yet to see all of the details regarding the game but with what Koei Tecmo has revealed so far, the upcoming Dynasty Warriors is shaping up to be the best entry yet.

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