Destiny 2: Major Problems Bungie Should Fix At Launch

The Destiny 2 beta is drawing to a close and thanks to it, we’ve gotten to see a small portion of the game before it launches this Sept. 6. The beta serves to do many things for the developers and one of which is to determine what needs changing in the full game. After the beta, players have ideas on what needs to be changed in the retail version of the game.

More Power Weapon Ammo

One of the neat things Bungie is going to add in Destiny 2 is a dual inventory system that allows players to equip a normal weapon, an elemental weapon, and a power weapon. This means those who are keen on using power weapons such as rocket launchers will have an easier time accessing the weapon of their choice.

While Bungie has assured an easier mechanic for power weapons, ammo drops for it seem too scarce. Players can go through missions with getting only a few power weapon ammo. The best solution for this is to increase the drop rate for this type of ammo.

Super Slow Super Ability Cooldowns

Super abilities in Destiny are always cool to look at and fun to use. The major problem with Destiny 2 is that Super abilities take way too long to load. Players can use these abilities only a few times during missions and it feels like a waste to limit us like that.

What Bungie should do is to simply increase the cooldown rate even for a little bit. They should try to find the balance between quick and slow reloading to avoid players spamming Super abilities.

PvE Damage

Many Destiny players might’ve noticed that Guardians do lesser damage during PVE modes. It’s going to be a rough early game for players since PvE farming will be a tougher chore. Luckily, this problem can be fixed with a damage buff.

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