Destiny 2 Beta Update 1.04 Looks To Fix Server Issues

Bungie is set to shut down the Destiny 2 beta pretty soon but that doesn’t mean the developer isn’t going to do its best to provide players with a good experience in the beta period. A new update enhances the playing experience just before the beta comes to a close. Here’s what the Destiny 2 beta update 1.04 adds.

Destiny 2 Beta Update 1.04

A tweet by Bungie reveals that the update isn’t exactly a major patch for the game. However, it could be something that will help players in the long run. “Beta Update 1.04 is now available on PlayStation 4. This update will allow us to better investigate important connection issues,” says Bungie in a recent tweet.

The update is a measly 61.81 MB patch so downloading it should be quick and easy. With the update, Bungie is looking to provide players with more time in the PvE and PvP modes before the beta end time on July 25.

The update could also help out Bungie determine server issues even at the full version of the game. When the full version comes, we can expect even more players flooding the servers. The best Bungie could do now is to get an estimate on what problems the servers could face once the full game launches in September.

This recent step by Bungie also implies that the developer is doing its best to provide a better playing experience the second time around. Hopefully, Bungie answers issues and problems just as persistently when the full game launches on Sept. 6 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. A PC beta test will also start sometime in August, so there’s more work to be done by Bungie. 

Bungie’s Destiny 2 beta is very successful and fans are getting a taste of what the full game will be like. For now, it looks like Destiny 2 will be a whole lot better as compared to the first game. 

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