Two Factor Authentication
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Two Factor Authentication: Protect Your Accounts on PSN, Xbox Live, Origin, UPlay

Every online game account is sacred for gamers. The popularity of online gaming has made a lot of users dependent on their gaming accounts. However, this also meant they are vulnerable to malicious personnel actions and even hackers.

Read on to learn how using the two-factor authentication can protect your transactions online. Here are some tips on how to protect your precious account with the two-factor authentication.

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Two factor authentication is also known as the two-step verification or login verification method. It’s commonly known and abbreviated as 2FA. For all you know, you may be using this already.

This requires users to enter two different “factors” when logging into a service. The factors are normally something you’re aware of such as login details, and a second piece from a phone. This is typically a six-digit code generated by the authenticator. It can also be a fingerprint.

By the time you sign in with the correct login, you also need to complete the second step. This is much more secure as you need something that’s actually with you.

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Two Factor Authentication: Two-Step Protection

An authenticator generates codes necessary to complete the login process. The secure way to use one is on a smartphone or tablet in your possession. Apps such as  Google Authenticator, Authy, and Microsoft Authenticator are available.

You may have to set it up with each online service you want to use 2FA with. Typically this is done via a QR code with your phone or typing a lengthy key. However, you have to remember that these are time-based. You have to be using the correct time when setting up.

Using an actual authenticator is much secure than using common two-step verification methods such as text messages.

Typing codes everytime you log in may be a pain, but you can also set devices as “trusted” such as home computers or something you always hold. You may also set some authenticators to only ask for codes every 30 days. It can always be up to you.

If you lose your phone, these apps also offer backup codes to ensure you can log in and notify them that you’ve lost your phone. Of course, not everything supports two-step authentication, but this is a good way to help protect your gaming accounts.

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