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Mass Effect Andromeda: Producers Explain Switch Port Dilemma

Mass Effect Andromeda producer Michael Gamble finally talks about the game’s inclusion (or removal?) from the lineup of Nintendo Switch games.

This is after the highly-anticipated game’s teasing and the reveal of Nintendo’s upcoming console. An interview may finally answer fan concerns about which major third party releases will be part of the Switch lineup.

However, it appears BioWare and Electronic Arts are among companies that are cautious about investing in the Switch. This is because the game is not currently in development for the console.

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Gamble confirmed with Stevivor that there are no plans to bring the game to the Switch at the moment. However, he did mention that if there’s enough demand for the game on the Switch, then they may consider this.

However, it shouldn’t be too much as a surprise that the game may not be coming to Switch. After all, given the not-so-pleasant reviews of the Wii U, it will be likely that a Switch port may not be ideal as of the moment.

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Mass Effect Andromeda: Switch Out of the Picture

The confirmation that the game is not in development for the Switch confirms reports that it is indeed skipping the console. This appears the same as with Red Dead Redemption 2.

Given it’s one of the most anticipated 2017 games, a lack of the N7 game may deal a serious blow to the Switch’s potential fame.

This also means future games in the franchise may never even make it to the Nintendo console. Regardless, fans of the series have been told to keep their save games for future plans of the title and the franchise.

And while the Switch may not feature this fan favorite title, its other titles may hopefully make up for it.

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