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Leaks Report that Breath of the Wild Will Be a Switch Launch Title

Laura Kate Dale, one of the major sources of leaks regarding the Nintendo Switch, has announced that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will launch alongside the new console. Dale says it will come out in March of this year, at least for North America. Her newest claim is based on some finalized materials of the game she’s claimed to have seen.

According to her follow-up Tweets, her source only confirms this release date for the North American region and for the Switch version. Her European sources claim that the game will launch in June. She suspects that this points at a delay on the release of the game in the EU. Likewise, she has no news on the Wii U version of the game, hinting at a possible delay as well.

Whether or not these leaks are accurate are unknown, they are leaks after all. It’s always best to take everything with a grain of salt. However, Emily Rogers has backed up this rumor and claims that Breath of the Wild will come to the NA region in March.

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Breath of the Wild a Switch Launch Title?

Just a few months ago, several sources reported that Breath of the Wild would miss the Switch launch date.

Many outlets claimed that the game wouldn’t be ready due to localization issues as well as testing. Now sources are thinking that perhaps the initial delay was talking about the Wii U version of the game.

Nintendo has expressed their desire to launch both the Wii U and Switch version of the game at the same time.

However, they might backpedal on that decision if it also means the game missing the initial Switch launch.

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Considering how heavily advertised and hyped up Breath of the Wild is by now, it seems it would be odd to not release it alongside the Switch, even if it means delaying the Wii U version anymore.

The newest Zelda title has by far been one of the biggest titles marketed on the new console. Not only was it one of the highlights of the Switch’s launch trailer, it was also the game used on the Jimmy Fallon show during the console’s world debut.

Nintendo is hosting a special event for the Nintendo Switch this January. Hopefully, they’ll be able to confirm or deny these rumors during the event.

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