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GTA Online: NEW Game Mode, New Bike in DLC

Rockstar Games is not starting the year without a surprise. This year, GTA Online will not only have a new game mode but an awesome bike as well!

The newest update for the game will introduce a new motorcycle and a new Vehicle Vendetta mode that allows players to collect vehicle powerups.

Those who play the game are aware that there’s been a ton of new stuff lately for players. Not only is there a new expansion DLC, but there’s also a new Adversary mode and a weather event. However, it appears there’s more than meets the eye.

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Now Rockstar has released yet another free update for players. The developers told Rockstar Newswire that the updates include the Pegassi FCR 1000 motorcycle that is an “instant classic.” It will apparently be “the envy of your grandpa.”

Not only that, the Vehicle Vendetta mode will have players team up and speed around in vehicles. This will be happening while they are trying to get power ups. These include Beasts that turns players vehicles into tanks and Ghosts that turn them translucent.

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GTA Online: New for 2017!

Those who are playing Vehicle Vendetta now and will do so until January 17 can even get themselves double XP and GTA$. They can participate in Stunt Races as they pay the same amount of rewards.

Rockstar appears to be very aggressive with its add-ons for GTA Online. It has been confirmed by Rockstar that the game appears to be one of the most popular in all of Take-Two Interactive’s games.

This means we may not be able to see story DLCs for GTA 5 soon. Regardless, this appears to be an exciting year, given we also have Red Dead Redemption in the works.

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