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Final Fantasy 15: Updates, DLC Incoming – Details

Final Fantasy fans, you’re in for a treat. Final Fantasy 15 director Hajime Tabata is reportedly going to give a ton of add-ons for fans this 2017.

This is after fans have waited for around 10 years for the development of the next installment of the much-beloved franchise. The game had positive reviews despite criticism on its rather weird story.

Regardless, the plot holes will be adjusted via DLCs, along with lots of exciting experiences for players.

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Tabata doesn’t believe that the development of the game ends with its release. In fact, there are already a number of DLCs in store for fans over the years. However, the official blog of Square Enix had a letter of thanks from Tabata, as well as a promise of more things to come.

In the post, the various achievements of the game were listed. Tabata said 2017 will be a year of “giving back to everyone” for their kindness. He suggested this will be done via more enjoyable experiences and more DLCs.

Though of course given that the game will have its own share of DLCs, this may hint towards new DLCs as well. This can be a reiteration of the things to come, but we can never be sure if the game may have other surprises as well.

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Final Fantasy 15: Worth the Wait

Until then, the game continues to sell well. It even made it onto Amazon’s best-selling list over the holidays. Its first DLC that has muscular Gladiolus should be releasing early this year as well.

The recently New Game Plus feature will also allow players to replay the game to gain more experience.

Regardless of what the future actually holds, it’s a nice gesture on the part of Tabata to thank players personally.

The game is currently available for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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