Prey Flawless PC Release

Arkane Studios Promises “Flawless” PC Launch for Prey

Dishonored 2 is widely considered to be a good game. More than good even, it’s a great game that received critical acclaim and even won PC Gamer’s Game of the Year award for 2016.

But there’s no denying that the game ran poorly on the PC at launch. Because of this, developer Arkane Studios promises that their next game, Prey, will be “flawless” on release.

In a recent interview with Game Informer, co-creative director Rafael Colantonio said that they’ve learned their lesson from Dishonored 2.

We’ve had a rough launch on the PC with Dishonored 2. In development, you never really know what you’re going to see, especially on the PC with so many configurations. Unfortunately it is what it is, it shipped but now it runs really well after some patches. Of course, we are paying attention to make sure that this time the PC version is really flawless when we ship.

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Arkane Claims Prey Launch to Be Flawless

In the interview he claims that Prey has a lot more development and QA time compared to Dishonored 2.

While not a guarantee, having more time to work on a game does mean that they’ll be able to discover some of the bigger issues before launch.

Another note he mentions is that, unlike Dishonored 2, Prey will run on an engine that is more familiar to the developers.

Dishonored 2 used the Void Engine. Arkane Studios developed the Void Engine themselves.

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Prey on the other hand will rely on the popular CryEngine by Crytek.

Unlike the Void Engine, this is an engine that’s already been shipped before and has seen a lot of use by different companies and developers.

Of course promises and statements like these aren’t guarantees. The only way we’ll know if the game runs well is to wait for the game to come out and judge it then.

However, it’s still good to see Arkane acknowledging their shortcomings with Dishonored 2 and attempting to better themselves for their next release.

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