Nintendo Switch to Use Unreal Engine 4 / PlayStation

Unreal Engine 4 Games Coming to the Nintendo Switch

Epic Games Japan representative Takayuki Kawasaki comments that a lot of titles using the Unreal Engine are coming to the Nintendo Switch.

In a report by Nintendo Everything, Kawasaki mentions in an interview that the Nintendo Switch supports the Unreal Engine.

But even more important than that, he mentions that several titles that use the engine (both announced and unannounced) are coming to the new platform.

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This of course is a good sign for the Switch as the Unreal Engine is one of the most popular engines in the industry. Several major Western developers have used the engine in many of their titles.

In recent years, its audience has spread to include smaller indie studios as well as Japanese studios. In fact, Unreal Engine 4 already has a porting option for the console making multi-platform releases much easier.

Many Unreal Engine 4 Games Coming to Nintendo Switch

Take note that the person giving this statement is a representative of Epic Games Japan. So there’s a good chance that he’s talking about Japanese games that use Unreal Engine.

On that note, the list of upcoming Japanese games that use the engine is quite impressive. Just a few games that use this engine are Bloodstaned: Ritual of the Night, Tekken 7, and Dragon Quest XI

Finally, topping off the list are the long awaited Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy VII remake.

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That still opens the door for several Western studios to ready their games for a Switch release.

Popular titles such as Rocket League and XCOM all use this engine and would be perfect as a handheld.

One of the greatest weaknesses of the Wii and Wii U platform was the lack of any real third party support as well as their “gimmicky” control schemes.

It seems Nintendo learned from their mistakes by making the Switch more accessible to third party developers as well as using a more “standard” control scheme this time around.

More details regarding the Nintendo Switch will arrive this January as Nintendo is holding an event for the new console.

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