Top 12 PC Sellers on Steam

Top 12 PC Sellers of 2016 According to Steam

To commemorate the new year, Valve released a list of their top 100 best selling games of 2016. They separated the list of a hundred into four different tiers — Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Today we’ll look at the Platinum-tier titles, which are the Top 12 PC sellers on their platform.

Take note that these games did not necessarily release in 2016. Rather, they are just the highest grossing games for this past year on Steam.  Also note that they are in no particular order as the page reshuffles them every time.

Finally, remember that this is on Steam only so don’t expect something like Overwatch to be on this list.

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Top 12 PC Sellers of 2016 on Steam


It’s no surprise that one of the biggest eSports games in the world is also one of the highest grossing titles on Steam right now. Despite being free to play, DOTA 2 offers several in-game purchases of cosmetics and tournament-related items.

This past year saw four major Valve tournaments for the scene and each one had in-game items that players could purchase which helped boost its revenue.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Another Valve title and another competitive eSports game. Unlike DOTA 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive does have an entry fee, however it’s almost always very cheap especially during Steam’s famous sales.

Just like DOTA 2 though, the game has several cosmetic items that people can purchase as well as several tournaments in this past year that continues to make the game profitable despite its age.

Civilization VI

The newest entry in Sid Meier’s grand strategy franchise, Civilization VI has topped critical charts since day one. Despite some issues with regards to the AI as well as a few bugs, the game is still incredibly well polished and well received.


Despite having a bit of a rocky launch, XCOM 2 continued to deliver the hardcore tactical gameplay that fans of the series enjoy. More than ten months since its original launch, the game now runs well on many systems and continues to be a favorite among strategy game fans.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The latest game in the Witcher franchise and one of the best games of 2015. This past year probably saw a large boost in sales due to the release of the Blood and Wine DLC which many have praised as one of the best games of 2016 despite being a DLC.

No Man’s Sky

The infamous No Man’s Sky showed many players the pitfalls of hype. A game with astoundingly high expectations, it failed to deliver on pretty much every front. Despite that, the game was still a pre-order success and generated a lot of revenue.

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The Division

A game with a bit of a mixed reception from most players. At launch it was a short burst of fun that quickly burned out once you hit end game. However, the developers have continued supporting the title and many believe it to be worth coming back to now.

Dark Souls III

The third game in the Dark Souls series continues to bring pain and suffering to those that play it — and of course they’re more than willing to take it. The winner of the “Love/Hate Relationship” Award on Steam, this series has garnered a massive following and great critical reviews.

Total War: Warhammer

The love child of the popular Total War strategy series and the also popular Warhammer tabletop franchise was sure to bring in a lot of interested people from both sides of the spectrum. It came out in May of this past year to good reviews and has clearly made a lot of money to make it to the Platinum tier.

Fallout 4

No real surprise here, not only is Fallout 4 the latest entry in the popular post-apocalyptic franchise, 2016 also marked the year when all of its DLC came out. Because of its age, the game has also dropped significantly in price especially during Steam’s regular sales. Thus more people have purchased it this past year.

Grand Theft Auto V

The ever popular Grand Theft Auto series stays as one of the Top 12 PC sellers of 2016. Despite how old the original game is at this point, the series continues to stay strong because at the end of the day it’s just a very fun game to play and experience.

Rocket League

Finally we have the indie success that is Rocket League. Despite coming out in 2015, the developers have done nothing but continuously support the game all the way into 2016. A very enjoyable and popular pick-up-and-play sort of game, it’s no surprise that it continues to top the charts in sales.

And that’s all of it, the top 12 PC sellers of 2016. Of course Steam listed down their top 100 but I won’t be mentioning those here. For those interested in checking out all the other best sellers of 2016, just check out Steam’s list on their website.

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