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PlayStation VR: Sony Unveils PSVR Stand; Price, Details

Sony teams up with a UK-based gaming merch company in order to make premium stands for the PlayStation VR. Let’s show off with style!

Good reviews of the PlayStation VR so far proves that Sony was able to bring VR to the mainstream. It can be remembered that it’s a bit difficult to engage in VR with complex systems like the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.

The PSVR system allowed users to use a familiar PlayStation console to connect with VR worlds. But it seems Sony wants us to do this with style.

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Games such as Resident Evil 7 in the VR has been boosting expectations for the new console. Now fans will be able to show off their system with an accessory Sony is making with the help of a gaming merch manufacturer.

According to Power Up Gaming, it appears Sony has partnered with Numskull to make an official stand for the PlayStation VR.

The PlayStation VR will be featuring a “premium-quality obsidian head, a heavy chrome finish base” as well as an adjustable height mechanic with a cable strap. The stand appears to be 30 pounds in the UK, or $37 USD. However, high demand appears to be making the stocks disappear right off the bat.

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PlayStation VR: Virtual Reality in Style

It’s still unclear if Numskull will be making the stand available for sale via an American retailer. Other products for sale on Yellow Bulldog allow for international shipping. However, no one is sure yet if this applies to the VR.

Regardless, given that Sony took the time to design such an accessory means its hopes for the VR platform is bright. Hopefully, this means the company will be releasing more games for the system. After all, the PSVR was named one of the top inventions of the year by Time Magazine.

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