Overwatch Best Game of 2016

Overwatch Wins Several Game of the Year Awards; One of the Best Games of 2016

Was 2016 the year of Overwatch? That seems to be the case with the several “Game of the Year” awards it has received now that the year has ended.

First released in May of 2016, Overwatch was a game that never went under the radar. It seemed like every week had a new story to tell with regards to the game. Whether it was a new milestone for player count, some new character release, or even just a standard balance patch, the game was always at the top of the headlines.

Today, popular gaming site The Escapist named Overwatch as their Game of the Year for 2016. In their post about it, they had this to say about the game:

Overwatch wins our game of the year because it shows us that after all this time, Blizzard still has a few tricks up its sleeve. It shows us that multiplayer-only titles are okay as long as they pack enough value. It shows us that games are more fun when they don’t take themselves so seriously. And finally, it shows us that frantic 6v6 combat with a cast of colorful, unique and incredibly well-balanced characters is hella fun.

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Overwatch Wins 2016

The Escapist is just the latest in a long line of outlets giving Overwatch their prestigious “Game of the Year” award.

A few days ago, Eurogamer gave the game the same treatment. In their article, they said:

Blizzard’s Overwatch has captured the imagination like few other games in recent years, delivering a bright, brilliant and exceptionally designed team shooter that instantly became best in class.

Likewise, Gamespot wrote about how Overwatch became the standout shooter of the year in a year full of amazing shooters.

It found a way to craft the best shooter in a year full of superb shooters, and in the process, became the best game of 2016.

With titles like DOOM, Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1, and Infinite Warfare all competing to be the shooter king, it was Blizzard’s newest IP that won over the hearts of many.

Of course, what might be the biggest critic award that the game got was winning the Game of the Year category in the 2016 Game Awards. It managed to beat out other great titles like Inside and Uncharted 4 to take home the crown.

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Overwatch isn’t just a game praised by the critics, it’s also a game well loved by a community of millions. In the Golden Joystick Awards of 2016, Overwatch won Best Original Game, Best Multiplayer Game, Best Competitive Game, and Best PC Game.

The difference in this award being that the Golden Joystick is an award ceremony open to the public for votes and not decided by some committee.

So all in all, Overwatch had a very strong presence in 2016 and it looks like it’ll just continue to grow and improve as we enter the new year.

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