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Nintendo Switch May Opt Out Current Gen Ports, Implications

It seems the Nintendo Switch may have a few setbacks before its full release. The console may not have the power to handle current-gen games. This startling news came after former Ubisoft rendering lead Sebastian Aaltonen shared some insight on the Switch. The console’s success might just be hurt by this startling revelation.

The latest details about Nintendo’s handheld-hybrid came from Aaltonen, who shared on a Beyond3D forum some news on the processing speed of the device. It appears the processing speed of the Switch is far below than what many are hoping.

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He said around 50-percent of modern game engine frame time goes to running compute shaders. This means 25.6GB/s is pretty low as everybody knows that the 68GB/s of Xbox One isn’t great either.

The Switch may “fare well” against last gen consoles, but they already had their big releases years ago. This means Xbox One is significantly a faster hardware than the Switch.

Essentially, this means the Switch may lack the hardware necessary to handle this generation’s best titles. If devs want to see their previously-released games on the new console, they may have to dramatically change code and performance.

It can be possible to port previous-gen games like from the PS3 and Xbox 360 into the Switch. However, it’s a question of demand and resources.

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Nintendo Switch: The Situation So Far

Regardless, a lot of third-party game devs have already announced support for the Switch. Ubisoft even has something planned for the console, and EA may have a big “game” in the works.

However, while people speculate the arrival of Ghost Recon: Wildlands and Battlefield 1 in the fray, this may be a bit hard to do.

We can expect the full specs of the device at the January Nintendo event, and just how these specs can affect the potential of the Switch.

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