GRID, Dirt 3, and F1 2013 Gone from Steam

GRID, Dirt 3, and F1 2013 Removed from Steam Store

Codemasters’ racing games Dirt 3, GRID, and F1 2013 for the PC are now all gone from the Steam store. So far there’s no word from Steam why these games are suddenly missing. A post from PC Gamer states that GOG also removed GRID from their store because of expiring licenses.

This isn’t the first time a digital store removed a game for license issues. With regards to GOG, they faced similar concerns with the Fallout series in 2013 as well as Duke Nukem and Descent in 2015. It should be noted that Fallout eventually made its way back to the store, but the latter two have not. So it could go either way for these racing games.

The sudden disappearance of these titles also explains why both Dirt 3 and GRID were given away by Humble Bundle some time ago.

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Dirt 3, GRID, and F1 2013 Removed from Steam

According to PC Gamer, the reason for the removal of GRID on GOG is because of expired licenses. This is most likely the case with the other two games as well.

It’s currently unknown just what license expired. The most likely scenario is the license they had on using real world car manufacturer brands in their titles but it’s also possible that some in-game music was licensed.

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Either way, until those licenses are renewed there’ll be no way to purchase these games on Steam. But if you already own the game, you should still be able to install and play it from your library.

As it stands, the only way to purchase these games now are through sites that resell Steam keys. However, any interested buyer should be cautious with what site they use, as some of them have a reputation of selling stolen keys and other unethical business practices.

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