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Devil May Cry Director Announces New Game This 2017!

Devil May Cry director Hideako Itsuno, who was also responsible for Power Stone and Dragon’s Dogma, will have a new game! Just what will it be?

Capcom is already making waves with the big Marvel vs Capcom Infinite announcement. However, Itsuno has made a historic announcement once again with this new project.

While this new IP is yet to be seen, fans are already raving just what the new project will be about.

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It can be remembered that Itsuno is known for titles such as Dragon’s Dogma. Where players take on the role of a legendary fighter in a fantastical setting, wielding magic and gathering allies for his or her quest.

Power Stone wais also a hit fighting game, with players using “power stones” in order to augment their attacks. However, one of Itsuno’s most popular creations is the Devil May Cry line of games.

He is best known for works such as Devil May Cry 2, 3 and 4. Although, given that Capcom has indeed raised interest in reviving “dormant” franchises, Power Stone and Rival Schools may be getting remakes.

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Devil May Cry: Sequel We Are Looking For?

A distinct possibility is that Itsuno could be directing a new Devil May Cry game. Given DmC: Devil may Cry‘s rather lackluster performance, it would make sense if Itsuno finally makes a comeback.

Itsuno’s comeback, particularly because of his involvement in the IP’s development, may finally ease fan concerns. This may even allow us to get some new Dante action, as we have been missing the demon hunter for quite some time.

Devil May Cry was supposedly the follow-up for Resident Evil 3. However, the idea eventually became an entirely new IP. Remember, the hit title became an instant fan-favorite with its notable style system and fast-paced battles.

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