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5 Video Game Movies to Look Forward to in 2017!

The new year is turning into a spicy year with a lot of new entrants from all over pop culture. Here are some of the expected video game movies of 2017.

Players could still be the least bit hopeful for 2017’s lineup of video game movies. Though sadly 2016 ended with a rather bleak Assassin’s Creed and began with Warcraft. So what does the new year hold for video game adaptations?

It’s no secret that a lot of films on video games tend to be subjected to bad reviews. But this isn’t stopping producers from making some of the most highly-anticipated films of the decade. Here are some of them.

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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is, hopefully, the last installment in the Resident Evil film franchise starring Mila Jovovich. The last film will be featuring popular game characters such as Albert Wesker and Claire Redfield, and a lot of monsters people should recognize.

Though the films were not exactly appreciated by critics and fans, this installment may finally put the series to a close. Can Alice, with her immense psychic abilities and fighting prowess, finally put an end to the zombie outbreak?

Tomb Raider will appear to have an adaptation this 2017. This reboot will follow a new live-action Lara Croft that will hopefully follow the rebooted games. However, there’s a lack of information about what the film will exactly hold. But give this a good script, and it might just turn out to be a gem.

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Video Game Movies: Breaking the Curse?

Sonic the Hedgehog may finally meet the big screen in 2018. Sega hopes to accomplish this fated revival of Sonic not only with new games but with this new film. It appears the new film will be blending CGI and live-action footage. This movie may not be as exciting as it gets on paper, but since Deadpool director Tim Miller is in it, it’s worth a shot.

Detective Pikachu brings the weird to the Pokemon franchise. This is based on a detective game that’s so far been released in Japan. There’s a lot riding on the film’s success, as this can launch a whole new set of Pokemon films. Though the premise itself is goofy, it may be fun to see the favorite Pokemon solve a crime.

Five Nights at Freedy’s is the eerie tale of a security guard trying to survive just one night in a Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza place. The guard will be continuously terrorized by animatronic animals. The premise itself is a good horror flick. Given the game has given enough jump scares, this may be a franchise worthy of a look.

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