Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Program Now Includes 20% of Xbox 360 Library

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Program Now Includes 20% of Xbox 360 Library

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Xbox One did not have backwards compatibility support with Xbox 360 titles when it first came out. In late 2015, Microsoft started a new program that fixed this problem by letting the console emulate the 360.

The Xbox One Backwards Compatibility program started with 104 applicable Xbox 360 titles. Since its initial launch in 2015, that number has nearly tripled in size to 308 titles. That’s nearly 20% of the original 360’s library.

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20% of Xbox 360 Now Playable on Xbox One

According to the research done by Reddit user TheKoolestKid11, there were initially 1722 possible Xbox 360 titles that could go through the Backwards Compatibility program. However, 160 of these titles are not possible due to their need for a third-party hardware (Rock Band, Guitar Hero, etc). Now that number is down to 1562 titles.

Currently, there are 308 titles in the Backwards Compatibility program. That’s 19.72% of the possible library of Xbox 360 games now available on the newer platform.

According to the same user, only 51% of the original Xbox’ library could work on the Xbox 360. So it’s possible for the Xbox One to surpass this number in about a year and a half.

Assuming that Microsoft adds games to the program at the same rate as this past year, they could theoretically convert the entire 360 library in four more years.

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Microsoft’s Backwards Compatibility Program

The Backwards Compatibility program for the Xbox One is a completely free feature that arrived in a 2015 dashboard update. This program allows users that previously owned physical and digital copies of Xbox 360 titles to play them on the current generation platform.

In addition to this, all saves and achievements from the 360 game carry over to the Xbox One if the player wants to re-use an old file from the previous platform.

Finally, those with Xbox Live Gold get double the amount of free games every month. The free Xbox 360 titles given to Gold members every month are backwards compatible with the Xbox One.

It currently has a little over 300 titles including fan-favorites such as Red Dead Redemption, Oblivion, the Bioshock series, Mass Effect 2, and older Call of Duty titles.

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