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Xbox Live: 2nd Week Countdown Sales Best Titles, Tips

Xbox Live has its second week countdown sales live. Here are the best titles and tips to get your money’s worth for the week.

The offering of games this week start with a lot of big baddies. This includes big titles such as Watch Dogs 2Overwatch and even DOOM.

Xbox owners will surely make use of this huge sale to get their hands on a lot of good games. Though a lot were already gone since the first week’s appearance, the second week of Xbox Live sales appear to not let players down.

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Players are free to check the full list of deals over the Xbox Live countdown website. However, this list will include the best solid games available for the rest of the week.

The sale is open from December 29 to January 9, and a lot of good games are in the list.

The open world title Watch Dogs 2 is currently available at a 40-percent discount. This means players can get the title for $41.99 for Xbox One users and $35.99 for Gold members.

However, this is the only deal available at the moment. Players ought to stay tuned at the arrival of more awesome deals throughout the days.

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Meanwhile, Overwatch: Origins Edition is also up for grabs. It has a discounted price of $44.99 or $40.19 for both normal and Live Gold members respectively.

Players that haven’t tried Blizzard’s title ought to get it. This may finally explain why the hype is so big and why the title is worthy of its Game of the Year title.

Lastly, DOOM is another game that is on a yet-very-tempting discount. The core game is available at $35.99 (or $30.00 for Gold users), its Season Pass at $29.99 ($26.79 for  Gold) and its full Digital Deluxe for $59.99 ($50.00 for Gold).

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