Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run: Android Registration Steps, Mechanics

Super Mario Run is finally coming to Android! We will teach you how to pre-register early to get your copy of the game quicker.

Nintendo has just announced that Android users can finally register on the Google Play Store. This will notify them if the game is finally available for download, similar to how it was done in the iOS.

This marks the game as one of the hottest in the market since its release. Already 50-million iOS gamers are already playing the game. With Android near, the number is bound to increase.

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There is no concrete release date for the game in Android. However, this pre-registration calendar means it’s bound to be released within the coming year.

Now fans are more than eager to wait for the notification that their much-awaited game is finally here.

Players can finally prepare for the game’s imminent arrival in their Android devices. Similar to the Apple App Store, it’s an absolutely free game. This means curious gamers don’t need to lay down cash on the plumber’s big debut in mobile screens.

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Super Mario Run: New Features?

Although Mario on mobile did have its appeal, the reviews on the product haven’t been so stellar. This is because a lot believe the stock of Nintendo dropped following its release. Super Mario Run also recently lost its place as the highest-grossing app on the App Store.

However,now many are left wondering if their hard-earned cash is worth accessing the entirety of the game. Especially, since the full version of the game does cost a hefty $9.99 USD.

Regardless, Nintendo may be preparing for incoming funds after the game’s release for Android. Hopefully this time there may be a slate of new features to make players excited to play.

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