Postal Goes Open Source

The Original POSTAL is Now Free for Everyone

Running With Scissors, the developers behind the controversial POSTAL franchise have decided to release the original game out in the world.

Nearly 20 years after its original launch, the developers announced that POSTAL is now in the hands of the public by releasing its source code and making it an open source software.

On their blog post, the developers reminisce about the rather eventful history of the original game.

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Because of the game’s violent tone, it received a lot of public outrage during its initial release in 1997. It was even labeled as one of the “three worst things in American society” by former US Senator Joe Lieberman.

But despite all the controversy, the game still had significant followers that supported it. Through the years it’s had an expansion pack, special editions, sequels, an Android port, and even a novelization.

Perhaps their biggest milestone was the release of the remake POSTAL Redux earlier this year. Its success shows that the series still has a strong following backing it up.

So now they are leaving the future of the original POSTAL to that community of supporters as well as the rest of the world.

They’ve officially released the source code of the game on BitBucket under General Public license for anyone to tinker with. Though if you ask them, they really want someone to make a Dreamcast port.

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POSTAL Goes Open Source

On a gameplay level, POSTAL seems fairly basic. It’s a simple twin-stick shooter set on an isometric playing field. Not really anything innovative. It’s the context of the game that made it as infamous as it is today. Other shooter games have you facing off against monsters, aliens, zombies, or maybe even human soldiers. Things that are actively trying to kill you as well.

But in POSTAL that’s not the case. This is a game where your main character has gone, well, “postal” and you are just a crazed gunman out for blood.

Whether they be innocent civilians or police trying to stop you, nothing will get in your way of violence, and now that the game is in the hands of the public domain only time will tell what the Postal Dude will do next.

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