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Cyberpunk 2077: The Witcher Successor to Add Flying Cars, Cyber Plot

Cyberpunk 2077 is becoming more and more interesting with new developments. The open world game may have flying cars, among others.

The flying cars idea is the result of recent speculations of the possibility that the game’s devs may actually add them. CD Projekt Red, producers of the popular The Witcher franchise, is on their way to surprise fans.

The hype for the game increased after the news that they had just finished creating all assets for the then-to-be-released The Witcher 3.

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These rumors began after a recent post by NeoGAF user Nirolak. Fans should apparently expect to see the game incorporate the idea of flying vehicles.

This is after the fact that the devs are hiring a Gameplay Programmer. Its studio in Warsaw is apparently in need of Gameplay and Level Designers to “create the whole architecture of vehicle-related code.”

This will probably give way to mechanics that allows not only driving vehicles, but also flying them.

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Cyberpunk 2077: Flying Cars, Cybernetics

This new sci-fi venture appears to make the game much bigger than the previous fantasy segments. As it happens, another hiring for a Gameplay Designer shows that the Krakow studio wants to double or even triple its size.

This means CD Projekt Red’s Krakow studios would grow from 30 to 60 or up to 90 employees.

This may be good news for fans of the cyberpunk title. However, this doesn’t prove enough evidence – yet, anyway – that the game is as awesome as it sounds. Flying vehicles, much as it is interested, would have players flying through the skies.

It may seem a bit of a pickle knowing the devs also plan on making a “seamless multiplayer experience.” However, not much is known on the project aside from the trailer, which was released four years back.

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