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Crash Bandicoot: N Sane Trilogy Release Date Tease

Crash Bandicoot is back to wreak havoc in our screens. It appears his revival back into our consoles will have a release date after all.

News of this release date came after a Brazilian retailer may have prematurely revealed the release date for the N Sane Trilogy. This means the game will be released very very soon, and a lot of Crash fans are very happy.

The return of Crash is something to be happy about, especially for long time gamers. This may mark a revival of the entire franchise.

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Despite the lack of any new entry in the series, Sony and Activision may seem to be testing the waters for a new Crash IP. This is after a remastered take on the orange guy’s original three games.

Though they are only for the PlayStation 4.

The games are appropriately called the N Sane Trilogy, and fans are more than anxious to finally play the remastered games.

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Crash Bandicoot: N Sane Trilogy Abound

However, it appears the release of the game will be sooner than later. If Zillion Games is to be believed, its online store states the blockbuster remaster may arrive as early as February 28, 2017.

If we take this at face value, gamers should be wary on just how legitimate this could be. The screenshots of the retailer indeed are from a newer Crash game, albeit one in the newest Skylanders.

Players got their hands on the newest Crash trilogy during the PlayStation Experience this year. Since then, the anticipation for Crash’s return has been within the realm of reality.

Though this release date is to be taken with a grain of salt, it stands to reason that the games may be released very soon after all.

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