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Nintendo Switch to Have Non-Removable Battery, Poor Sales Projection

The Nintendo’s wonder console appears to have more news about its specs than was revealed a few days ago.  It seems that the Nintendo Switch has something different to offer with its battery.

According to the United States’ Federal Communications Commission, the battery of the console they have reviewed is non-removable.

As dreadful as the news sounds, just what does it mean?

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With the Nintendo Switch launching soon, interested users wants to know what it has to offer. Especially because players will finally be able to bring their favorite games with them. One very basic feature is its battery life. Given that the Switch is a detachable tablet, the battery life is obviously one of the most important factors in its enjoyability. And thus, a battery that works great will be the biggest factor in its success.

This is why it may be disappointing to hear that the FCC reviewed a production prototype and noted its battery is “built-in.” This can only mean that fans will not be able to upgrade the Switch battery.

While the review model is just a prototype, the FCC filing also notes this is the version that may be mass-produced. Given there’s a Switch event in January, it’s a tad too late to stop production to change this option.

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Nintendo Switch: Poor Battery, Poor Sales?

This can be the scenario unless Nintendo makes a version that has a removable battery. But the current revelation is a significant factor in a buyer’s decision.  If the console’s battery fails, there’s no option for the user but to buy a new device. Or they can wait for it to be repaired. But the question is: it is repairable since it is not replaceable?

This will prove all the more expensive for fans and may be bad news for Nintendo. In comparison, if the Wii U GamePad faces battery life criticisms, players can buy upgradeable batteries.

If the Switch’s battery life isn’t that high, to begin with, and players want to have a lot of batteries on the go, this can be a problem. Though Nintendo did tease Switch-based accessories, fans are hoping for any battery back-ups. But then, of course, there is still no evidence yet that the company is indeed developing these add-ons.

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