Microsoft to Add Game Mode to Windows 10

Microsoft to Bring New “Game Mode” to Enhance Gaming on Windows 10

Reports say that Microsoft is working on a new “Game Mode” that will enhance and optimize the PC gaming experience for Windows 10. They’ll do this by minimizing the resources used by other applications and allocating more to the game. This will lead to an overall better performance.

According to Windows Central, this new feature is in Build 14997, though it isn’t functioning yet as of now. This new feature is set to arrive soon for Insiders and will arrive with the Creators Update in 2017.

Once it’s working, this feature will automatically start once players launch a game. From there it will allocate as many resources as possible to the running game to ensure a best possible performance.

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Microsoft to Introduce Game Enhancing Features to Windows 10

It is currently unknown just how broad this feature’s scope will cover. It’s no secret that the PC gaming platform is a bit of a Wild West.

Unlike consoles, there is no single platform for purchasing and managing software. Even more unlike consoles, there isn’t a uniform hardware configuration. Just on the software side alone we have the likes of Steam, Origin,, and even Microsoft’s own Windows Store.

It is unknown if this new feature will be compatible with games on all of those clients or if it will be limited to Microsoft’s supported titles in their own store. Likewise, since the feature isn’t implemented yet we don’t know just how well it will actually work in practice.

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Regardless, it’s still good to see Microsoft attempting to push forward the PC gaming scene.

It’s not too surprising given their recent push to unify their Xbox and Windows 10 platforms with their Play Anywhere program, but it’s still something players can appreciate.

We’ll just have to wait for the official release of the update and the Game Mode feature to see just how useful it really is.

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