Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon: New Global Mission, Rewards Revealed!

Pokemon trainers on full alert! Pokemon Sun and Moon has released its second Global Mission. Hopefully we get to finish this!

In this remarkable second mission, it appears to be a more realistic mission to conquer. It also appears to have very interesting rewards.

This appears to be a good move for the hit Nintendo game. Given the first mission – to catch 100-million Pokemon – was a complete flop, this mission appears to unite players better.

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According to Serebii.net, the second Global Mission asks players to catch or defeat 1-million Pokemon from December 26 to January 9, 2017. This appears to be a bit easy on paper, but there’s a catch.

This time, only Pokemon found with the Island Scanner count towards the goal. The scanner cannot be obtained until players earned 100-points from scanning QR Codes. This limits participating players, but makes the entire effort interesting nonetheless.

If enough players band together to complete the mission, they can get 4,034 Festival Coins (if they’re logged in on the Global Link) and 2,017 Festival Coins (if they’re not).

This means all participated players will get at least a few hundred Festival Coins.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon: More Global Missions

The game has easily been the fastest-selling Pokemon titles to date. It may even stand to reason that they’re the most popular games on the console.

Meaning there may not be a shortage of players to help everyone get some extra Coins. The influx of incoming players that received the players on the holidays is also a good thing.

With new players, a realistic goal, and more enticing rewards, the Global Missions effort appears to popularize the game effectively.

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