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Nokia 2017: 5 Android Smartphones May Release Next Year

If you want to see Nokia bounce back to the competition, then you should watch out for the Mobile World Congress. This event is the gathering of the biggest mobile industries. By this time, the HMD Global will give a fighting chance to Nokia on 2017.

Mobile World Congress will take place on February next year. However, as early as now, there are various speculations regarding the game plans of Nokia. According to the reports, the company is set to release five smartphones to level up their competition.

The first one we verified is the Nokia D1C. This said Android smartphone is said to cater the medium-range market. If that’s the case, then it is a good match for some of the Samsung and Apple devices.

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Nokia 2017: Possible Specs Of The New Smartphones

2017 might be the year of the comeback of Nokia. Their phones might feature better specs compared to most of the smartphones in the market today.

In the reports, it has been stated that their Android smartphones would get 5-inch to 5.7-inch displays. These would all be complemented by either FHD or WQHD resolution.

The full specs for the Nokia D1C have not yet been revealed. However, we verified that this has two versions. One has a price of $150 (2GB RAM and 5-inch full HD Display), and the other one is $200 (3GB RAM and 5.5-inch full HD Display).

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Nokia 2017: Is Nokia D1C The Flagship Phone

Just by scrutinizing the given features of the D1C, it is clear that it not flagship-worthy. Therefore, we can expect that HMD Global will produce better phones than this.

Since they would be releasing five phones in 2017, then we can assume that one or two of those can match up with high-end Samsung and Apple devices. Let us wait and see.

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