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Galaxy Note 7 Charging Capibility to be Killed

It is a sad day for Galaxy Note 7 users as its charging capability will be ended. A United States carrier, the T-Mobile, announced that it would kill the charging ability of any Galaxy Note 7 listed on their network.

Aside from the T-Mobile, Magenta, Sprint, and AT&T has already agreed to push a software update that would cease the charging feature of Samsung Galaxy Note 7. This means that one of the best-selling points of Note 7 will be gone, once this update takes effect.

Verizon rejected to conform with the bidding of Samsung. Instead, it joined with the major carriers in the United States in releasing the similar update. In short, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is on the tight spot here.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7: When Will The Update Be Released

The T-Mobile started to roll their update on Galaxy Note 7 on December 27. This information is already posted on their website, as well as on Samsung’s support page.

Therefore, any T-Mobile users that are using Galaxy Note 7 will receive a firmware update. Specifically, a major part of the firmware version N930TUVU2APL2 will kill the charging capability of this device.

The official note for this update mentioned that an on-screen notification would pop-up on the device. The note elaborates the mass recall of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and the proper actions that users have to take.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Why Is This Happening

The said update is the last ditch effort of Samsung to recall all the sold Galaxy Note 7 in the United States. This mass recall happened due to the explosive fiasco, which involves several Galaxy Note 7 devices.

In the coming days, people can expect that Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T will make a similar update. Therefore, if you own a Galaxy Note 7, it is a good time to return it.

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