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2017 Laptops: What to Look For & Expect Next Year

2017 laptops are predicted to double as tablets or even phablets next year. According to several sources, the prediction next year is that the functions of laptops will extend into the functions of smartphones and tablets next year.

A touch screen laptop that can double as a tablet is no longer a new thing. In fact, Microsoft was able to produce a lightweight laptop that can serve as a tablet without sacrificing its power. However, the device is pricey and other versions created seem to lac a thing or two.

It may be that an innovation in the laptop tablet crossbreed will not be the case this year. Instead, refining the already existing concept might very well be its focus. Adding lightweight capacity, compact-ability of a table with the speed and power of a laptop is the mission this year.

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2017 Laptops: What Can We Expect?

Imagine being able to play your favorite video games on a laptop that you can bring practically anywhere. In addition to that, it does not hang or overheat.

That’s what we wish to see this coming year from laptop providers everywhere. While Microsoft has already had an edge to other brands, the laptop cum tablet is quite pricey and still has a lot of limitations.

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Though quite a long shot, a compact device with the same power as a PC is the most ideal item for 2017. Since this generation is an on-the-go, the smaller the better group of people, PC will make its comeback the best way through such a device.

In addition to the laptablet or tabtop (which we just made up!), adding a wireless charging capability and additional power banks that can accommodate battery needs will be plenty helpful and increase chance of revenue.

As noted in some of our earlier articles, PC is no longer as sale-able as before. Hence, the once household favorite is facing danger of being faced out. Because of that, PC makers must find a way to cater to the new generation’s needs or wants. This being, speed, function, design and mobility.

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