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Nintendo Trademarks SNES Controller; Might Plan to Release SNES Mini

On December 5, Nintendo registered a Japanese trademark for the image of the SNES / Super Famicon controller in Japan. This has lead many outlets to believe that Nintendo might be working on an SNES Mini for the future, similar to the NES Mini they released this past year.

Of course for the time being this is just speculation, there’s no official word from Nintendo on what they plan to do with this new trademark. It’s possible that they might just be covering their bases once again. Nintendo has a reputation for being very protective of their properties.

But at the same time, not doing an SNES Mini after the success of the NES Mini is borderline stupid. Despite the problems it had with regards to available units, the NES Mini was still a success. At this point, releasing the SNES Mini would be equivalent to legally printing money for Nintendo.

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SNES Mini in the Works?

The NES Mini, or NES Classic Edition, is a console that came out in November of this year.

As the name implies, it’s essentially a much smaller version of the NES that emulates 30 built-in games. It also had HDMI and Save States support.

The NES Mini was a cultural success. Everyone wanted one the moment they got released. However, the console faced issues when it turned out that Nintendo only had a very limited stock of them available.

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While some think that the limited supply was an intentional choice to build up hype and interest, it nonetheless still painted a bad picture for Nintendo.

Hopefully Nintendo learned from their mistakes with the NES Mini release if the SNES Mini ever becomes a reality in the future.

While perhaps not as culturally impactful, the SNES had several titles that many still consider as some of the best games of all time.

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