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10 Best Gadgets 2016: Tech Must-Haves, How Much & Where To Buy Them This Year

The 10 best gadgets 2016 list from speakers to music items included here will serve as a guide to those looking for the year’s best.

Guardian has handpicked tech gadgets with different purposes that we compiled in this list. While 2016 did pave the way to more advanced technology, it also produced a lot of not so good quality items.

Because of that, we decided to share with you the best of the best in each particular category of gadgets.

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10 Best Gadgets 2016

Here’s the list of the best gadgets 2016 offered and where to buy them.

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  1. Best tablet: Google Pixel. You can buy this aluminum cased tablet that can be turned into a laptop using its magnetic keyboard at the Google Store for $400 each.
  2. Best phablet: It’s still arguably the Apple iPhone 7 Plus with its astonishing graphics. Many retailers sell this but you can also order in any Apple store or online for around $700- $800.
  3. VR Headset: When we talk about virtual reality, the best headset to go for is still the Playstation VR. It is priced around $400 and you can order this on Sony’s website or buy it at the local tech store near you. However, call first for stock because not all carry this.
  4. Console: Affordable and nostalgic, the Nintendo Mini NES is only $60. This retro device is not only simple in its enjoyability, it also brings back good memories for the 20’s and 30’s who are still kids at heart.
  5. Headphones: Bose is leader for this category. Its Bose QC35 worth a little over $300 has great sound quality and a superb noise cancelling technology. It will surely give you that surround sound quality uninterrupted that you so desire. Check out their website to avail one soon.
  6. Laptop: The Dell XPS 13 is the best laptop in the market. This 13″ beauty packs a Core i5 processor for a bit over $1000.
  7. Camera: Worth more than $1500, the FUJI X-T2Fuji X-T2 is worth its price. It is sleek, high performance and immensely satisfying photo quality.
  8. E-reader: Amazon Kindle, at $60 is still the best in the e-book category.
  9. Car: The $25,000 Toyota Prius 4 Gen is Guardian’s favorite car pick this year. It is a hybrid for one, but also it is efficient, safe and quiet.
  10. Action camera: The GoPro HERO5 is the top pick in this category. At $400 each, this adventure camera is all terrain, all setting.

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