Super Mario Run Guide

Super Mario Run Guide: How to Change Characters

Are you one of the 2.85 million people that downloaded Super Mario Run on the iOS? It’s already been a couple of days and maybe you’re starting to get bored of good old Mario.

What if you could swap out Mario for something a little bit different? Perhaps his underappreciated green brother, or maybe his often sacrificed dinosaur companion?

What if you could turn Super Mario Run into Super Luigi Run or Super Yoshi Run? Find out how in this Super Mario Run guide on unlocking and changing characters.

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Super Mario Run Guide: Unlocking and Changing Characters

The easiest character to unlock is Toad. All you have to do is link your My Nintendo account to Super Mario Run.

Once you have a My Nintendo account all you need to do is go to Kingdom Builder, tap the My Nintendo icon on the upper right corner, and redeem Toad.

His special ability is that he’s the fastest character in the game.

Peach is the next most straightforward character to unlock. To unlock her all you need to do is finish all 24 levels of World Tour.

Her special ability is the ability to float for a short amount of time by tapping and holding the screen.

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Luigi will require you to play through Toad Rally and farm up some toads. To unlock him, you need to build Luigi’s House in your Kingdom. His house will cost 150 Green Toads and 150 Purple Toads.

He plays just like Mario but he can jump higher than any other character.

Just like Luigi, Yoshi will require the player to build something in their Kingdom. Specifically, players will have to build Yoshi’s house which requires 30 Red Toads and 30 Yellow Toads.

Yoshi’s ability triggers much like Peach’s. Tap and hold the screen while in the air to make him perform his signature flutter.

The final character is Toadette and requires the most Toads out of the last three. To unlock her you need to build Toadette’s House which costs 200 Red Toads, 200 Yellow Toads, 200 Green Toads, 200 Blue Toads, and 200 Purple Toads.

Despite how expensive she is, her ability is nothing special. She’s basically a reskin of Toad having the exact same specialty.

Super Mario Run Guide: How to Change Characters

Changing characters is a straightforward process.

In World Tour mode, simply tap on the icon to the right of the Start button before every level.

In Toad Rally, you can access the character select screen after you choose an opponent. This is also before you hit the Start button for the level.

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