Destiny Rainbow Medals

Destiny Rainbow Medals: Finding them Effortlessly

Destiny’s The Dawning event is in full swing right now and will be around until January 3 of the coming year. So while the event is taking place, players might as well take advantage of all of the new features. One of which is Strike Scoring, where players can earn their Destiny Rainbow Medals.

Not familiar with Strike Scoring? Well as the name implies, Destiny will now score players on how well they do in certain Strikes. The game will reward players with various medals depending on how well they play. What might be the hardest medal to achieve however is the Rainbow Medal.

Players will only receive a Rainbow Medal if they’re capable of getting a Primary Streak, Secondary Streak, and Heavy Streak within one game. While that may sound difficult, there’s actually a few tips and tricks to make it a bit easier.

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Destiny Rainbow Medals Tips & Tricks

Just to reiterate, players receive a Rainbow Medal by performing a Primary Streak, Secondary Streak, and Heavy Streak within a single Strike.

For those unfamiliar with what these mean, it’s basically a triple kill with your primary, secondary, and heavy weapon respectively.

Now, to get a single streak requires killing three enemies in quick succession. However, getting the Rainbow Medal does NOT require you to get three streaks in quick succession.

It’s a bit of a misconception that you need to earn all three streaks immediately after the other.

In fact, players have reported that there might not even be a time limit in between the streaks to receive the medal.

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In addition to that, it’s actually possible for the player to die while in the middle of getting the medal and still be qualified to receive it.

Say you’ve gotten your Primary and Secondary Streak. Should you die, respawn, and get your Heavy Streak, you’ll still get the Rainbow Medal.

So the biggest tip we can give you? Take your time. Don’t rush into getting this medal. In fact, just let it happen naturally.

The only thing you ever have to actually rush are the streaks themselves, but once you’ve gotten one you can slow down your pace again and plan for the next streak.

Though if you really want to make it easy for yourself, the fastest way to get the Rainbow Medal is to load into Nightfall by yourself.

The beginning area has an endless supply of low-level enemies that you can continue to kill over and over again.

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