Destiny The Dawning Event Armors

Destiny The Dawning Event Guide: on Getting New Armor Set

The Dawning is Bungie’s latest Destiny event this time catering to a holiday-themed celebration. The event launched earlier this week and is set to last until January 3 of the next year. And fitting in with the season of giving, the Dawning presents players several new armor sets to unlock in the game.

Just like the previous Halloween event — the Festival of the Lost — the only way for players to access most of these new armor sets is through the opening of Treasures of the Dawning.

However unlike the previous event, Bungie has provided players a way to acquire some of these Treasures without having to pay any real world money.

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Destiny The Dawning Event Armors: How to Get Them

In total, players can receive six Treasures of the Dawning for free across the entire event.

The first way to receive a free Treasure is achieving Rank 5 in the Sparrow Racing League. You can do this for all three of your characters for a total of three Treasures.

If you’re struggling to rank up in the league, make sure to pick up the daily bounties from the Tower every day.

The next way to get Treasures without paying for them is by completing the weekly Heroic Strike. For the duration of The Dawning event, Heroic Strikes will reward players with a Treasure of the Dawning instead of the usual Radiant Treasure.

These will only drop once per account per week, so you’ll have to do the Heroic Strike for each week of the event which ends on January 3. So that’s three more Treasures.

If you don’t mind paying the extra cash, players can buy Treasures of the Dawning from Eververse for 200 Silver each which is around $2.00.

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Destiny The Dawning Event Armors: What Are They

There are two main sets that are attainable through the Treasures of the Dawning.

The first of these sets fits the festive theme of the event and each has six pieces. These are the Snow Angel, Crystalline, and Lantern Sets for the Hunter, Warlock, and Titan respectively.

The next batch of sets aren’t as in line with the holiday theme, but are still impressive nonetheless. These are the Scarlight, Rimed, and Lamentations Sets again for the Hunter, Warlock, and Titan respectively. They each have five pieces.

What you receive from the Treasures of the Dawning will be completely random. So even if you manage to get all six of the free treasures for the event it’s still unlikely you’ll get the complete set without dropping a few extra bucks.

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