Pokemon GO Holiday Update

Pokemon GO Christmas Pikachu: How to Catch and Evolve to Raichu

People have been looking forward to seeing what Niantic has in plan for the Christmas season in Pokémon GO. Even more so because of the successful large scale events that they had for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Well today they’ve announced what might be a teaser of their upcoming holiday event. Starting today until December 29, players will be able to catch a limited edition Pikachu sporting a Santa hat. Their official post is as follows:

We also have another special treat for you. Starting later today through December 29, 2016, 10:00 A.M. PST, you’ll find limited edition Pikachu all over the world. These Pikachu will be wearing a festive hat to celebrate the season! Use the Pokémon GO AR camera when you encounter them in the wild to take their picture and share it with us using #HolidayPikachu.

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Pokémon GO Holiday Pikachu

Capturing a Holiday Pikachu is no different from capturing any other Pokémon in the wild.

If you want to capture a limited edition Pikachu, you’re going to need to pay close attention to your tracker. If one of them happens to spawn in an area near you, that’s where they’ll show up.

Once you see one near you, simply go to where it is and do the standard methods for finding and capturing a Pokémon.

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Pokemon GO Holiday Raichu

In addition to the Holiday Pikachu, Niantic has also added a Holiday Raichu — the evolution of Pikachu.

Just like the Holiday Pikachu, the Holiday Raichu comes in wearing a festive Santa hat.

To get a Holiday Raichu you simply need to evolve your Holiday Pikachu and that will require 50 Pikachu candies.

If you’re lacking in candies you can either hunt down more Pikachu and transfer them over to the Professor for candies or you assign a Pikachu as a Buddy to get a candy for every kilometer walked.

However if you’re really lucky and don’t have the patience to farm up Pikachu candies, a Holiday Raichu can in fact be encountered out in the wild. So keep an eye on your trackers for a bright red Santa hat this holiday season.

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