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Pokemon GO Giant Pokemon Bug: Ways to Fix it

Pokemon GO fans are in for a treat – or are they? A strange bug is suddenly turning their buddy Pokemon into hulking monstrosities.

Fans are excited to see the swath of new features available in the recent updates. The Tracker system is back and Gym battles are finally being upgraded. However, news of collaborations with big names such as McDonald’s and Starbucks is making the game more exciting than ever.

However, it seems the Pokemon are also excited, in a big – literally big – way.

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It appears a new bug in the game are making buddy Pokemon into giant monstrosities. These sometimes engulf the entire screen due to their size. This is pretty annoying considering Pokemon are supposed to be scaled around the map in order to not engulf the avatar.

Now it appears an Onyx or a Machomp tower entire PokeStops, making it almost impossible to see.

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Pokemon GO: How to Fix?

Now the game’s subreddit is being flooded by players posting screengrabs of their giant buddies. Others are happy with a giant Dragonite, while others are annoyed with the occurrence.

Either way, Niantic Labs appears to have not commented on the appearance of the bug just yet. Hopefully the developers will get the time to fix this by the time the newest update rolls out next week.

The best bet of players right now is to try to restart their devices to check if this is a software issue. They can even try to log in and reinstall the game. However, it the problem persists, it may be best to wait for Niantic Labs to give a new solution in form of a patch.

Regardless, it may be enjoyable for now to look at the nearest Starbucks and get coffee for your troubles.

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