The Last Guardian Guide

The Last Guardian Guide: How to Unlock Costumes

Do you want to make your little orphan boy in The Last Guardian look just a little bit more dashing? Perhaps even dress him up in the outfits of the Team Ico games of the past? Well, just follow this The Last Guardian guide on unlocking secret outfits for the player character.

In The Last Guardian, there are five unlockable outfits for the player character. Two of these five,however, have a special place for those that played any of the developer’s previous games. Because within the five outfits there are two that reference both Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.

Now to begin unlocking costumes you must first complete the main game at least once. According to, The Last Guardian takes about ten hours to finish on average. While that may seem like much, the game has received generally positive reviews so it should still be an overall good experience for you.

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The Last Guardian Guide: Unlocking Outfits

Once you’ve started a second playthrough you’ll immediately get your first unlock. Though this isn’t for the boy, rather it’s a Badge of Honor medal for the birddog Trico.

Now that you’re in your new game, collectible barrels should spawn in the overworld.

These barrels are what you need to collect and feed Trico in order to unlock any of the other outfits. And this can be quite challenging as they’re not all out in the open and will require some exploration to discover.

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Costumes will progressively unlock as you collect more barrels.

12 barrels will unlock the Enduring Attire outfit and the Homecoming Costume will unlock at 24 barrels.

The Horned Apparel outfit, which is a reference to the game Ico, unlocks at 48 barrels while the Warrior’s Clothes outfit from Shadow of the Colossus will unlock at 64 barrels.

Finally the last outfit — the Fine Featherpainter — will unlock at 96 barrels.

To equip any of the new outfits you’ve unlocked, simply go to the pause the game, go to Options, and select Items. Any of your unlocked outfits should be here and you’re free to choose what to wear.

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