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Pokemon Sun and Moon Unlimited Premier Balls: Ways to Get Them For Free

Unlimited Premiere Balls have been a dream of all Pokemon Sun and Moon players. These tools are essential in hunting rare Pokemon. However, buying them can somehow drain your in-game currency.

Luckily, a trainer has just unlocked a trick that lets him get unlimited Premiere Balls for free! It is an exciting exploit, considering that high-level Poke Balls are imperative to beat the game!

This trick is pretty simple. That’s why it is quite a wonder why this method has only been discovered now.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon: How To Get Unlimited Premier Balls For Free?

First, you have to make sure that you already accomplished the Battle Royal Dome and 3rd Island Trial. These are mandatory prerequisites. You cannot complete the track if you haven’t ventured these areas yet.

If you are done with these quests, you can already proceed to the Akala Island (the second island of the Pokemon Sun and Moon). Once you are there, go to Megamart, which is beside the Dome. In there, an attendant should give you a coupon that entitles you a 50% return of all the Poke money you spent on the market.

Then next thing you have to do is to go to NPC that sells Pokeballs. Purchase Pokeballs by 10s. It only depends on how much money you have in your inventory. Each purchase will entitle you to a free Premier Ball.

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Now, you need to sell all the Pokeballs you bought (except for the Premier Ball). Remember that you have the coupon in your hand. Therefore, you can repeat this process many times so that you can get all the Premier Balls you need!

Pokemon Sun and Moon: Is This Unlimited Premier Balls Trick A Hack?

This method is not a hack. You should not worry about that. Instead, this is just a buy and sell trick that you can employ only on the Pokemart.

Take note that you have to accomplish the 3rd Island Trial and Battle Royal Dome before you can do this strategy. You can also have the option to sell the Premiere Balls if you need money.

Each ball will sell for 10 Poke Dollars. It is not too big, but it is a pretty decent way to gain money in the game.

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