The Game Awards 2016

The Game Awards 2016: Who Won the Game of the Year Award

The Game Awards 2016 officially puts 2016 in gaming to a close. Here’s the official list of all the games that won in this year’s event.

Games and categories range from the best in terms of narration, sounds and even visuals. There are categories for indie games and even fan-made games. The entire Game Awards 2016 event is the hallmark of every year in gaming.

With Overwatch leading this game’s awards, here are the winners of the other categories.

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Players who are tuning in to the livestream may understand how much of an impact of That Dragon, Cancer had to gamers. It just won the Games for Impact Award in this year’s TGA and it was a well-deserved award indeed. It was a true story about the experience of Joel Green, a young child struggling with terminal cancer.

However, this is just the beginning of a roller-coaster of emotions while we rejoice the whole other winners of various categories for this year’s TGA.

For those who want to watch the event as it unfolds, here is the livestream straight from The Game Awards’ YouTube account:

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The Game Awards 2016: Overwatch leads the Game of the Year Awards

The titles this year are plentiful, with each category offering a vast variety of competition for each of the games involved. However, only one will prevail and each:

Blizzard’s Overwatch just got the cake for this year’s Game of the Year Awards. It just won the Game of the Year title and other awards as well. Moreover, it won Best Game Direction, Best Multiplayer Game and Best eSports Game. However, this proves the title’s rich lore and expansive narrative isn’t limited to its gameplay.

Meanwhile, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End proves that every journey – even Nathan Drake’s – is worthy of a reward. Its intense story deserved its Best Narrative Award. Moreover, Nolan North’s performance worthy of the Best Performance award.

Inside, with its Best Art Direction and Best Indie Game titles, proves that indie games are making a resurgence. Inside is just one of the many good titles in the stronger-than-ever industry.

DOOM makes a historic return to the limelight as it won Best Music/Sound Design and Best Action Game for the year.

Pokemon GO seems to grab the doors to fame once more as it won Best Mobile Game and Best Family Game. Hopefully its new features will help it win the praise of its fans.

The Game Awards 2016: Hallmarks of Gaming

Best VR Game: Rez Infinite is the best introduction to VR with its flashy gameplay and fast-paced racing.

Action Adventure Game: Dishonored 2 wins this one, given its sophisicated mechanics and intense gameplay.

Best RPG: Witcher 3 proves that the best RPGs are not always set in vast expanses with superflous stories. It’s all in how you play your character.

Best Fighting Game: Street Fighter 5 proves that Ken and Ryu, and the game’s sophisticated gameplay, is worthy of the most competitive fighting game award.

Best Strategy Game: Civilization 6 had a strong release this year. Its plethora of new features definitely made the 4K genre a bit more interesting.

Best Sports/Racing: Forza Horizon 3 is a good resurgence of driving games into the foray of modern gaming. Its rich selection of cars and rhythmic gameplay is a sight to see.

Most Anticipated Game: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild really marks the anticipation of players towards the historic return of Link in a brand-new Zelda title.

Hideo Kojima and his Industry Icon award led this year’s gaming icons. Trending Gamer for this year is Boogie2988, and the Best eSports Player is Coldzera, or Marcelo David of SK Gaming. The Best eSports Team is Cloud 9.

Fans’ Choice – Favorite Game (China): League of Legends and its fans prove that its role in the MOBA industry is stronger than ever.


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