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NBA Trade Rumors: Stephen Curry Planning to Leave the Warriors for the Hornets

Will Stephen Curry join the Hornets? NBA Trade Rumors certainly seem to think so! Stephen Curry has been cryptic about leaving the Golden State Warriors in recent times. Sources seem to think that Curry will easily switch over to the Hornets in the course of time.

NBA Trade Rumors are buzzing about Stephen Curry joining the Hornets. ESPN reports that Curry answered with “I don’t know” when asked about this. The question pertained to signing up for the Hornets in 2017. His cryptic answer has now led to immense speculation regarding his future.

For the uninitiated, Curry becomes a free agent in 2017. It is not yet known whether the Warriors will fork out a king’s ransom to retain one of the biggest stars. Curry also watched his hometown side play on a weekend when he was asked this question.

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NBA Trade Rumors are also abuzz about Curry being hugely underpaid in terms of his current prowess. Curry had an unlucky early phase in his NBA career with multiple ankle injuries. He finally signed an extension from the rookie contract in October 2012.

Why Curry Wants a Better Deal as per NBA Trade Rumors

This deal saw him being hugely underpaid in comparison to what he is actually worth. Curry should get $12.11 million for the 2016-17 season. However, in July 2017, Curry is now expected to sign a new deal. This deal could start anywhere around $28.75 million as per estimates.

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He may join the Hornets as trade rumors keep pointing out. However, Curry is more likely to resign for the Warriors on a five-year contract. This contract should be worth approximately $165 million as per estimates.

Curry has earlier talked about how he loves being “in the Bay Area” and how “it’s all I’ve known in the league.” He has also stated his intention to remain where he is.

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