Xbox Project Scorpio

Xbox Project Scorpio Rumors: Specs, Price of the Most Powerful Gaming Console

The arrival of Xbox S has yet again split the gaming community. Popularly known as Xbox Project Scorpio, just what is new in this project?

Given that players are still going crazy over new offerings under the Xbox Games With Gold program, others are still expecting announcements about this enigmatic console.

It is also imperative to understand that the Project Scorpio faces direct competition with the PlayStation 4 Pro. However, given that they appea to be both “expanded” versions of their parent consoles, how is the Scorpio any different?

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Rumors say that the Project Scorpio will be arriving roughly a year or so from now. This is getting fans excited as Microsoft’s new console appears to be more powerful than the PlayStation 4 Pro.

A primary feature appears to be its 4K support, but it appears there is more than meets the eye.

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Xbox Project Scorpio: Most Powerful?

Fans ought to understand that the Xbox Project Scorpio will most likely be a premium item, as the Xbox One will be having a lower cost by the time of its release.

However, fans thinking this might replace the PC regarding its power may have to reconsider. Project Scorpio is currently being tailored to be a console compatible with UWP Appx format, which is the same format Steam games use. There’s no guarantee or proof that this will indeed try to copy the PC experience, but this is a good move for Microsoft.

Aaron Greenberg of Xbox Games marketing told Engadget that the Project Scorpio will be integrating gaming and VR. It may appear to be a stretch, but Greenberg is pretty confident their device could be able to pull it off.

Sadly, there is still no unconfirmed release date for the Xbox Project Scorpio. It may, however, be fun to anticipate that some Xbox-related titles may be teased soon enough.

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