Rainbow Six Siege Year 2 Pass

Rainbow Six Siege Year 2 Season Pass Available; 8 New Operators

It’s already confirmed that Rainbow Six Siege is getting a second season’s worth of DLC after it’s successful first year. Well now it looks like we’re getting a glimpse of what to expect with the second season as the Year 2 Season Pass made its way online.

Here’s what the new Season Pass will get you.

New Operators and Bonus DLC

  • 8 New Operators Across 4 Seasons
  • 600 R6 Credits to Purchase In-Game Content
  • 8 Exclusive Uniform Customizations
  • R6 Carbon Charm
  • 8 Exclusive Headgear Customizations

VIP Perks

  • 7 Day Early Access to Each New Operator
  • 10% Discount in In-Game Shop
  • 5% Renown Boost
  • 2 Extra Daily Challenges

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Rainbow Six Siege Year 2 Season Pass

The VIP Premium Membership perks will last until February 7, 2018.

In addition to these bonuses, those that purchase the Year 2 Pass before February 7, 2017 will receive the Obsidian Weapon Skin.

In addition to that, Year 1 Season Pass owners will receive a bonus 600 R6 Credits when purchasing the Year 2 Pass.

Because the Year 2 Pass replaces the Year 1 Pass, players will only be able to unlock Year 1 Operators through in-game currency.

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Year 2 Pass Confirms 8 New Operators

Just like the first season, the second season will introduce eight new operators for players to use.

Assuming they follow the same model they had in the first season, these eight operators will be split up into four pairs of two that come from different international military units.

Each new operator will be available for all players to unlock with in-game currency, but Season Pass owners will unlock them immediately and will even have early access to each.

A post on the Rainbow Six Siege subreddit also reveals that the upcoming operators will come from the following four countries: Spain, Hong Kong/China, South Korea, and Israel.

The Year 2 Pass is now available for purchase on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It costs $30.

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