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Pokemon Sun and Moon: World Players to Catch 100M Pokemon for Big Prizes!

Trainers will know that in order to be the very best in Pokemon Sun and Moon, there are lyrics to follow. If catching a Pokemon is the quest, can they meet the 100-million goal?

The first half of December will mark the game’s first of many festivals. From today until December 13, players are encouraged to catch a lot of Pokemon.

As in, 100-million Pokemon. The game’s first global event marks a seemingly herculean task. Players that help reach the 100-million mark will all win prizes, in the form of Festival Coins that can purchase a ton of cool stuff.

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Festival Coins can be used in the game’s Festival Plaza, the online hub, to buy an assortment of trinkets and facilities. If the 100-million catch goal is met, players all receive 1,000 Festival Coins. If not, they all get 100 Festival Coins.

This seems like a fair catch, given the goal wants them to accomplish the mission as an entire community and not individually. Players can contribute their Pokemon to the Game Sync function anytime before the deadline.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon: First of Many Global Missions

The event marks the first of many events Nintendo has promised players. While this may seem mundane at best, it’s exciting to see and compete in actual competitions. This boosts the value of the game’s post-game experience.

Players may soon be able to compete in actual in-game tournaments and even participate in more Pokemon-related matters. This means the game will truly be an innovation for all other Pokemon titles, in that it is a game and a community at the same time.

The game is currently available for the Nintendo 3DS. It sports a new set of starter Pokemon, along with 100+ new ones to catch. Not to mention it’s set in the sparklingly tropical region of Alola!

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