Microsoft Surface Phone

Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date Reportedly Nearing As Production Begins

There are widespread rumors of the Microsoft Surface Phone being in the works. Earlier reports have mostly talked about how the Surface Phone is still sometime away. However, recent news confirms that it may be closer on the horizon.

Microsoft Surface Phone Rumors

The Microsoft Surface Phone will reportedly undergo production trials. NDTV Gadgets reports that Pegatron will commence initial production of the smartphone in early 2017. The smartphone will be launched by Microsoft in early 2017 as per rumors.

No specific trial production data is available for the Microsoft Surface Phone. Pegatron is already one of the biggest suppliers to Apple. Three Surface models will reportedly be produced for regular consumers, enthusiasts and business users. However, there are no conclusive details on the features to be provided in these phones and so on.

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Tech Times reports that Pegatron is already executing production trials of the Surface Phone. There are also rumors of Microsoft getting into just the enterprise space with the new phone. Shifting away from consumer approaches may not be unusual since Windows phones fell flat on their faces earlier.

Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date

A late 2017 debut for the Surface Phone is also being hinted at. This is also possible according to several gadget gurus and experts. Microsoft will reportedly aim to supplement its Surface Book lineup with this phone.

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The phone will also facilitate seamless integration between these Microsoft devices. The Surface Phone should come with cutting edge technologies. It may also be able to power x86 apps through Continuum. This proprietary technology from Microsoft is already available for the HP Elite x3.

Satya Nadella, CEO at Microsoft, has already hinted at a Surface Phone in a recent statement. Nadella has already talked of wanting to create the “most ultimate mobile device”. Microsoft will be looking to regain market share in the smartphone segment with this new phone.

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