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HTC Allegedly Sells Smartphone Business HTC 11 Said to be Last Flagship Smartphone

Chinese phone maker HTC is rumored to be on its last hurrah with their upcoming HTC 11. According to reports, the company will no longer be producing mobile phones after their last flagship smartphone.

Recently, HTC has dealt with some difficulty in sales of their smartphones. With so much competition in the market and the fast turnover of cellphone designs, it has proved to be difficult for the brand to catch up. Even leading phone maker Samsung has dealt with some sever blows this year.

Because of this, speculations of the brand discontinuing their mobile phones have been made. The company was said to focus on their HTC Vive instead.

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HTC To Business and Discontinue Creating Smartphones?

The rumors, however were quickly debunked. The company released a statement ensuring that they will continue to create phones.

In addition, the company has just released this month their new phone HTC 10 Evo. Though reviews of the phone deem it a bit lackluster compared to other models it has produced. Despite that, it is still producing great quality phones.

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HTC 11 Release Date And Specs

Despite just recently releasing HTC 10 Evo, another model is being rumored and anticipated to come out soon. HTC 11 is said to be released by next year. Its exact date has not yet been confirmed but the timeline would most likely be mid to late next year.

Most exciting about the news is that the new model is said to have jaw-dropping features such as a Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor. It also adds a 8GB RAM and a 2K resolution curved OLED display.

However, all these are speculations at the moment. HTC has not made any official statement on the said new phone’s release.

What is for certain at this moment is that HTC will continue with its smartphone franchise and that more phones will come in the future.

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